"Any cultural system that equates punishment with justice will foster complicated forms of sadism. And any institutional system that inculcates intense fear and rage will produce technicians who periodically depart from standard operating procedures."
--Roger Lancaster

A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.
-- Martin Luther King Jr. 



These are news stories from television and newspaper articles.

Kindergartner is a sex offender? Really?

Laurie Roberts, columnist | azcentral.com

As we begin another school year, it is reassuring to know that Arizona's educators are on the prowl, ever on the lookout for sexual predators who may be lurking among our children.
The perverts, the flashers, the five years olds …
Wait … what?
It seems a five-year-old Surprise boy was on the playground last spring when suddenly he pulled his pants down. The kid was hauled to the office and forced to sign a form that essentially labeled him a budding sex fiend.
The good news? Apparently, kindergarteners in the Dysart Unified School District are capable of reading disciplinary referral forms and even signing their names.

The bad news? Apparently, the people who run the school district are morons. --Read more

Oklahoma law change will put 130 sex offenders out of ministryrun ...
John R. Beaver served almost nine years in prison. When he was released three months ago, he didn't have enough money to pay the $16 fee for his birth ...

NH court defeats town's residency restriction

1-24-2012 New Hampshire:

CONCORD, N.H.—A New Hampshire judge says a Franklin city ordinance barring sex offenders from living within 2,500 feet of a school is unconstitutional.

Merrimack Superior Court Judge Larry Smukler says city officials failed to show that the restriction protects children.
Registered sex offender William Thomas sued Franklin city officials who sought to enforce the 2007 ordinance after Thomas and a companion moved to Franklin from Massachusetts in 2010.

When Thomas registered as a sex offender, he was told he had 30 days to move out of his apartment because it was within 2,500 feet of a school. The court granted Thomas a preliminary injunction in December 2010. The court's ruling now makes that injunction permanent.
Franklin City Manager Elizabeth Dragon says city officials are considering redrafting the ordinance. ..Source.. by Lynne Tuohy


Slain Indiana girl's grandfather was sex offender

A girl living with her SO grandfather in a trailer park full of SOs was killed by a non-SO. Hmm.

Indianapolis Star
Shumaker said he knew Lemmon because they were both sex offenders and were ... his story that the girl had vanished while he went to a store that morning. ...

A girl living with her SO grandfather in a trailer park full of SOs was killed by a non-SO. Hmm.

Growing Number of Laws Propelled by Crime Victims

A USA TODAY survey shows legislators in least 25 states have introduced or pledged to introduce versions of what has been dubbed Caylee's Law. In at least 12 of those states, legislation has been introduced, but it has not yet become law anywhere.

The bills are the latest effort to establish laws in the wake of high-profile crimes involving a young victim. These laws, which are generally supported by child advocates, have prompted some critics to wonder whether it's appropriate to legislate in the heat of the moment. (Read More)

Studies Question Effectiveness of Sex Offender Laws

ScienceDaily (Aug. 30, 2011) — Two studies in the latest issue of the Journal of Law and Economics cast doubt on whether sex offender registry and notification laws actually work as intended. Read more...

Man challenges requirement to register as sex offender | Tulsa World

In 1998 Starkey returned to his home in Oklahoma and he complied with a state law requiring him to register as a sex offender ...

From OETA article, August 26

Oklahoma’s crackdown on sex offenders has unintended consequences ...

Could Okla. Sex Offenders Fall Of Registry List?
KOCO Oklahoma City

In each case, the courts ruled that sex offender laws could not be applied retroactively. Oklahoma City Police Lt. Pete Walker oversees the city's sex ...

Here's an article about the status of AWA compliance and the negative aspects of the registration system.


Why We Need to Protect Ex-Con Job Seekers from Discrimination, August 1, 2011: