About Us

OKRSOL is an informational site presenting facts and legal issues concerning sex offender laws. We strive to inform the citizens of Oklahoma truthfully. There are stories from families in our state and across America who have been harmed by the current Registration laws.


Our ultimate goals

  • Abolish laws which label registered offenders who are obeying the law, and not re-offending,  as a threat to the community.
  • Abolish laws requiring all sex offenders to be placed on the public registry.
  • Pass laws providing for risk assessment and restorative treatment for ALL sex offenders to help them successfully reenter society.

Vision Statement

Oklahoma RSOL will seek to educate the public, the Legislature, and the Governor on the facts versus the myths concerning the current laws regarding sex offenders including the Registry and its effects on everyone including not only the former offenders and their families but on the community as a whole.

Oklahoma State Capital Building

Our Mission Statement

Educate Oklahomans about sex offender laws, change or repeal existing laws that are detrimental to society, and pass beneficial laws.